The Body Escape Event
Posted on January 8, 2014 in Services

home-retreat-sothys-body-escape-lineAt the heart of the Sothys skin care programs are the Intensive Treatments. Each cutting-edge, professional-only treatment utilizes the latest bio-technology to offer cosmeceutical-grade solutions second to none.

Furthermore, clinical tests guarantee their effectiveness, results and customer satisfaction.  Each is designed to correct the signs of aging and transform the way skin should look and react, without invasive methods or down-time. Erase skin imperfections by changing the way your skin visibly ages.  Visit your skin care specialists to find out which superior performance treatment is most recommended for the specific needs of your skin.

Each year, a melting scrub and modelling syrup bring together a fruit, a flower and a colour in a unique limited edition sensorial escape.

Raspberry & Jasmine (Limited Edition). Create a unique sensorial escape with our Raspberry & Jasmine Flower Scented Water.

This refreshing hydrating spray for the body provides a sweet, pleasantly aromatic escape. The mesmerizing fruity and floral fragrance can also be spritzed on pillows and linen or around the room to create an invigorating ambiance. Available as part of this years Body Escape Event.

Transcend into the beautiful aromatic world of Sothys during this refreshing and energizing body treatment. The body will be softened and smoothed with our melting exfoliating gel. Then let the aromatic modelling syrup ease the stress away. This one-of-a-kind blend of seasonal fruits and flowers will leave the skin soft and supple and the spirit rejuvenated.

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